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we work with businesses, organisations and individuals to create a set of measures that result in managing themselves and their enterprises more effectively.


Training is recognised as a key element of a well thought out business strategy. Any strategy involving a desire to grow will inevitably mean someone somewhere in your organisation being required to do something differently. The question then is, does he or she currently have the skill set to deliver what’s needed. This is where our ability to ascertain exactly what is required comes in. Too much training can be overwhelming, too little has the opposite effect; a misfit in the delivery mechanism relevant to the trainee will also have a negative effect and can lead to disheartenment. Therefore, it is vital to get the balance right.

When ‘off the shelf’ won’t do

Our learning programmes are all bespoke, created to meet the specific objectives of both your organisation and your staff. We believe there have to be demonstrable benefits for all involved to derive long term value from the learning. Once a gap in skills has been established we discuss with you the value of bridging these gaps. This is to ensure that once learning has taken place the trainees are supported in applying their newly gained skills back in the workplace.

When it comes to management development, business skills, sales and marketing, people skills training etc., you should be aware of the following:

  1. Your people are unique individuals with specific needs; they also have individual learning styles, therefore a prepackaged training course may not deliver the results you are looking for.

  2. Your organisation is distinctive, therefore your learning requirements will be unique.

  3. You should always look for full value and a high level of relevant learning for any investment in training you make; an ‘off the shelf’ solution will rarely provide this.

  4. There are so many variables in ‘people skills’ and ‘management development’ training that attendees regularly leave ‘off the shelf’ courses with an unfulfilled feeling and a high tendency or an inability to implement what they have learned.

High degree of flexibility

How training is delivered affects the success of the experience; long sessions are not the only way to deliver training.

We offer a wide variety of short workshop style events, evening and weekend sessions, coaching, face-to-face counselling, telephone counselling, video conference learning, along with the more traditional seminar style - a high degree of flexibility to achieve the ‘best fit’ for you.