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we work with businesses, organisations and individuals to create a set of measures that result in managing themselves and their enterprises more effectively.

Testimonial Extracts

If you want your issues managed in the right way, for the benefit of all involved, then you sometimes need to do things differently. Are Business Affinity different? Yes, absolutely. Why? Because they have the unique ability to get straight to the root of the problem, help you deal with it and then point you in the right direction. There are no rules with them, and therefore no preconceived ideas, they listen well, they organise well and they have an affinity with people that I have not seen before in my business dealings. They have a rare ability to understand quickly and an unnerving desire to help.(Neil Parker - Manager Electrical Industry)

“Jeff is a unique individual, who has a special way with people and always takes time to build trust and relationships to ensure the end goal is achievable. I have known him over a number of years and his working ethic is admirable, energy and a zen like calm combine to offer a refreshing change to business consultancy.” (Jill Cox - UK Marketing Manager, Natuzzi)

These guys are amazing! Our first meeting was so cathartic that we felt completely refreshed after just one hour.(P. Mangan - CEO, London)

Jeff asked us some really difficult questions that required us to think openly for the first time in many years. A real eye opener.(S. Briggs - MD, City of London)

Business Affinity are like forensic scientists, the detail they extracted from us showed us how we had been the authors of our problems, but they did it in such a way that everyone was shown respect, no one was singled out for blame and they gave us energy for the future.(CEO - Finance Industry, London)

Jeff King has the skill to ask searching relevant questions, and then truly listen to your reply, he seemed to know what I was thinking.(Chairman - Engineering Industry, Newcastle)

Jeff’s wide range of experience has proven vital to designing and implementing our growth plans during uncertain times in our economy.(S. Jones - Director, Technology sector, Birmingham)

All around us was doom and gloom until Business Affinity shook us up, we now feel so confident about our future and the bank likes our plans too!(J. Foster - EMEA Director, Food Industry)

I’ve employed many consultants over the years and Business Affinity are certainly the fastest and most accurate for identifying key problem areas. They certainly saved us from making some expensive mistakes.(T. Miller - Sales Director, Hertfordshire)

Everyone in our industry has taken a battering during the last few years, but Jeff has helped us back on our feet in a very creative and effective way.(D. Wilson - MD, Construction Industry)

We are a small design company who are now financed to take on the big boys and we could not have done it without the creativity, special ability and care and attention of Jeff and his team.(T. Stevenson - TAD Partnership)

Thank you for helping us create our series of training programmes. They are so well integrated into our working practices now they feel less of an interruption and we are getting a high degree of take-up.(HR Director - Basingstoke)

Jeff, the biggest compliment I can pay you is that each time you visit us there is an air of expectancy around the place and thats quite something considering there are over 150 people employed on this site.(M. Scott - CEO, OEM, Manchester UK)

Your executive coaching programme certainly hit the spot. The selected management team have grown in confidence and we are now witnessing a different level of contribution from them, thank you.(H. Fuller - MD Digital Banking UK)

For the value you have given our institution we would have paid a lot more. Grazie molte. Parlo a voi presto.(Andrea Alvaro, Technology Industry, Italy)

As you know in the beginning we had a big concern about the amount of disruption that training would have to our team, but we are very grateful for the amount of flexibility you demonstrated to deliver on the objectives.(F. McCready - Sales Director Manufacturing, Leeds)

Your insights into human behaviour have added a new dimension to our customer service practices.(E. O’Brian - HR Director, Hotel Industry)

We are all now agreed that having you facilitate our strategy seminars delivers creative thinking, freedom of expression and most importantly has yielded some great ideas.(D. Thrules - MD, Telcoms, London)

Your skill at reading people is outstanding and your ability to get them to understand themselves and then make changes is admirable.(Director of Training - Retail, London)

Your time with our Customer Services team was a real eye - opener, thank you.(J. Phillips - Director European Operations, London)

I was about to ditch my TV presenting career due to anxiety. I kept my problem secret from my colleagues and family until the situation became unbearable. Fortunately, I was put in contact with Jeff by a friend who I confided in. To say the change in me has been life changing would be a mega understatement. In a very short space of time my confidence has returned, stronger than ever. I’ve gone from a shaking, depressed wreck into a person who now handles all that is thrown at me without flinching. To top it all I’ve just been promoted.(BBC TV Presenter - London)