Transforming organisations
we work with businesses, organisations and individuals to create a set of measures that result in managing themselves and their enterprises more effectively.

Subject Areas

The following provides a flavour of the most common areas we are asked to work in:

Selling skills
Key account management
Negotiation skills
Managing a sales team
Customer service skills
Powerful presentation skills
Public speaking skills
Communicating effectively
Influencing skills
Learn to be assertive
Time management
Anger management
Managing stress
Emotional intelligence
Managing your boss
Training design
Training needs analysis
How people learn
Training the trainer
Facilitation skills
Coaching skills
Consulting skills
Mentoring skills
Marketing skills
Leadership skills
Better meetings
Effective brainstorming
Questioning techniques
Listening skills
The first time manager
Succession planning
Internal consulting
Employee engagement
Personal effectiveness
The learning organisation
360° feedback
Resolving conflicts
Workplace psychology
The effective 'Board'
Working with office politics
Finding the real you
Developing self-confidence
Motivation at work
Understanding staff behaviour
Speaking up for yourself
Job analysis
Building teams
Encouraging curiosity
Having a common purpose
Effective problem solving
Gaining buy-in
Learning to love your problems
Divergent thinking
Solving internal disputes
Thank god it's Monday!
Learning to lead
Making a difference
Waking up your team
Confidence building
Strategy management
Gaining commitment
Managing bright people
Recruitment tactics
Talent management
Effective Directorship
Waking up your company
Managing change
Developing strategy
Appraisal development
Developing successful feedback channels
Love em' or lose em'
From team member to manager
Management development