Transforming organisations
we work with businesses, organisations and individuals to create a set of measures that result in managing themselves and their enterprises more effectively.


Our consultancy services form the foundation of any work you wish to engage with us on. Having a thorough understanding of what is required is key to producing a positive and relevant result.

Assessing where you are, where you want to be and planning how to get there is crucial. ‘Winging it’ is a dangerous and short term option; you may get lucky for a while, but at some point failing to create a path to your goal will lead to disappointment.

Rigorous, flexible, cost effective

Our role is to help you function better in your world.We want to help you and your people to respond to the challenges you face in a positive and life enhancing way, which is both relevant and cost effective.

In the current economic climate having the desire to grow comes with the fear of the commitment of employing more people. Business Affinity can help you achieve your goals without the additional cost of employment. You can access our services in a very flexible way. Additionally, we can help you to equip your current employees with the skills need to become more self-sufficient.

The journey towards your goals usually takes many twists and turns, we can assist you for the whole journey or any part of it. We will encourage you to learn from the lessons of the journey and assimilate them as normal practice.

Having an initial chat with us is free, the rewards can be invaluable!

More than just techniques

We do not assume that just because a particular solution was successful in one company it will automatically work for you, context is a vital consideration.

Fear is still very much part of business life, and one our duties is to help you understand and thereby manage the fear, and channel your energies into positive action.

Our role is not a passive one; we will challenge you not just to gain clarity, but also to help you discover untapped resources and build a cohesive strategy.


What motivates us as a consultancy practice, is to see others succeed; the financial returns are secondary. We cannot meet our pledge for producing work of high integrity and authenticity if our propositions are predicated by our financial returns only. 

Confidentiality & experience

Your confidentiality is sacrosanct, it’s what allows us to dig deep to extract the untapped resources we believe exists within every individual and every organisation.

There is indeed an art to what we do, many years of management experience, leadership of large multisite companies, being both buyers and sellers of products and solutions means that we understand the needs from both sides of the table. Knowledge of what works and what doesn’t is a valuable tool in delivering results. Understanding human nature, organisational behaviour and the demands of modern business, puts us in the position of being able to deliver tangible results.

Support when you need it

We can help when you want:-

  • To access unbiased and professional guidance
  • To obtain better results from your staff
  • To create a strategy for growth but are unsure where to begin
  • To discuss your future plans in a confidential environment with experts
  • To develop your talented staff

The difference

Our ability to reconcile common sense and common experience with empirical evidence is what sets us apart from other consultancy practices.

We commit to act in your interests and the interests of your organisation and its people. We can make this pledge because all the work we produce is bespoke.

We always begin each project with a blank sheet of paper. This means that we do not bring any prejudgements or preconceptions into the relationship.

The result of such an approach means we can create a unique and authentic partnership with you based on your objectives.

Offering a prefabricated solution goes against our pledge and therefore undermines any future relationship.

Your objectives become our objectives whilst we work with you.

We will encourage you to explore, challenge you to think differently, engage with you to produce creative and unique outcomes, all within a safe and secure environment.

After interacting with us, even briefly, you should feel that you have received value and gained some valuable insight.

Our charges include access to us whenever you need it, it’s part of the service, but what is more important is, it’s part of the process of getting to know you and understanding your problems and objectives.