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Business Counselling

... “for times when a friend or colleague is not enough.”

Our business counselling service is an exceptional service that allows senior executives or business owners to gain access to temporary support at times of increased pressure, insecurity, vulnerability, indecisiveness, transition, conflict etc.

We provide you with a business counsellor who is someone between a therapist and an advisor, a confidante who will help you see the options available and reach your own conclusion about what action to take.

Our business counsellors can help you reconnect with your passion and vision for your business; they can re-energise you and help you re-focus.

Balancing moral and ethical issues, managing shareholder and stakeholder concerns, anxiety over business performance, worries about colleagues, managing redundancies, or a strategy change, are just a few of the issues that leaders have to deal with. Sometimes it can feel like a lonely and unrewarding position to be in.

Being able to talk about the emotional side of decisions, concerns, or discussing a loss of confidence, lack of creativity, loss of trust etc., with an experienced person who can help you arrive at your own conclusions, is a very useful asset to have.

The pressures of leadership are immense, regardless of the size of the organisation.

The problem is that friends or colleagues have a vested interest and are therefore not always what you need when trying to obtain a fresh perspective on an issue or concern.

Some common scenarios where business counselling is useful:

  • When you feel like you are losing control
  • When your work/life balance is out of sync
  • When you want to air your problems without feeling weak
  • If you are regularly looking over your shoulder in fear of what might be approaching
  • When you feel like you are shouldering an unfair share of the burden
  • When it feels like the prestige and rewards are not worth the hassle
  • When you don’t enjoy what you are doing any longer
  • When you are in a position of not knowing who you can trust

These are just a few of the common issues we have come across over many decades of working with senior people who, by the very nature of the position they hold, can feel isolated and targeted for blame when things are tough, and not praised enough when things go well.

Many of our counsellors are experienced directors, who have first hand knowledge of the demands that are placed on senior people and can empathise with your predicament.

They are skilled listeners and questioners who can help you get to a place of relative comfort to assist you in finding your own solution to your dilemma or issue.


Talk with a professional who:

  • Is adept at active listening
  • Can empathise with you, your situation, the responsibilities you bear
  • Crucially, is detached from your colleagues, with no ulterior motives, and holds what you say in strict confidence
  • Is not emotionally involved with you, or your organisation, so that their feelings won’t interfere with the process
  • Takes a non-directive approach
  • Respects your autonomy