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we work with businesses, organisations and individuals to create a set of measures that result in managing themselves and their enterprises more effectively.

About Business Affinity

Give identical ingredients to two chefs, one a 'top' chef and one just a ‘good’ chef, along with the same recipe and the result will be vastly different. Why? Because the top chef has probably had extensive training, understands how different foods interact with each other and how they are affected by ingredients. He or she understands the science of food, the molecular structure and at what temperature the structure fails etc. The result is an experience you will remember, an experience that when recalled will probably induce salivation, and ‘feel good’ memories.

This is the difference between a properly trained, and most importantly, ʻreal-world’ experienced consultant, and one who has little experience of the business environment and all its complex dynamics.

Knowledge of processes, models and the like is one thing, knowing how and when to apply them, the affect of applying them, and having a deep personal concern for the welfare of your client, is what puts Business Affinity on a different level.

The key ingredients

A highly experiential knowledge base gained from many years of managing businesses at the highest level and consulting throughout the UK and internationally, provides the foundation that underpins and informs all our recommendations.

This experience is then overlaid with decades of study in psychology, behavioural science, business analysis, organisational psychology, coaching, training, mentoring, mediation, business counselling and facilitation and a multitude of other disciplines.

This is further enhanced by even more practical experience of applying and analysing the responses to a plethora of methods, models and strategies.

For good measure we continue to follow worldwide studies to ensure we constantly develop our people and to ensure that you gain access to the latest thinking and empirical evidence.

A bit more about Business Affinity

Operating in the specific areas of consultancy, learning (training, coaching, business counselling), mediation and facilitation Business Affinity can have a significant, and importantly, an immediate effect within departments, between teams, on individuals and on organisations as a whole.

We can guarantee consistency in our work as we are a small practice formed of like minded people who simply want to inspire leaders, managers and organisations to respond to the challenges they face, and develop at a pace that is appropriate to them, and within a context that is relevant to them.

Why is this important?

On too many occasions well meaning, fashionable models, best practice methodologies and the like, have been foisted onto organisations that just caused disruption and set them back, rather than move them forward. We want to clarify things for you, not muddy the waters.

And finally a bit more

Due to many years of operating in the social environment we call ʻworkʼ we have a thorough and highly experiential understanding of how organisations work, how people work and the obstacles to growth. This understanding is vital as it enables us to create effective, realistic and practical solutions that help you, your people and your organisation to achieve its objectives.


Business information

Business Affinity is the trading style of Business Affinity (UK) Ltd.

Office telephone: 020 79 79 20 40  Direct telephone: 07905 240926

Mailing address: Boundary House, 32 Melrose Avenue, Borehamwood, Herts. (UK) WD6 2BJ

Registered Office: Suite 3 & 4 Rood End House, 6 Stortford Road, Great Dunmow, Essex. CM6 1DA.

Registered in England No: 7729939

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Because we have an affinity with business

We understand the balance you need to achieve between growing your business without losing focus.

We fully appreciate the demanding and ever changing environment you operate in and can therefore design any support or learning programme around constraints.

We understand and can deal with the obstacles to change and learning you may experience.

We know that by tackling issues sooner rather than later we can make a world of difference to you and your organisation.

We know that by becoming a ‘learning’ organisation the problems that exist today will no longer bother you in the future.

We recognise the ultimate determinant of whether you succeed or fail comes down to how you lead and whether your people will follow you.

We acknowledge that gaining ‘buy-in’ for a programme of change or development can be a problem, but not an insurmountable one, if managed properly.

We accept that change can be frightening, but we have the experience and knowledge to help you and your people through the process.

We can identify with the ever present emotions involved in business; emotions experienced by the leaders, by the employees, by customers all mixed up and in a constant state of flux.

We recognise that change can be difficult; we know it can be sabotaged by what seems an innate capacity to resist, but once people understand why they feel as they do, we can help them move on. Understanding the emotions involved leads to a liberation that can have extraordinary results.